Clean Energy and Safe Drinking Water. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our Vision: A world where everyone has access to affordable clean energy and safe drinking water.

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High-quality and Durable
Solar-powered systems and Power Sets

We design, build and sell affordable high quality clean energy products.

Advantages of Solar-Powered Systems

Access to light 24/7 at the flip of a switch

Use your electrical devices whenever you need them

High quality and affordable
Water Purifiers

We are a leading designer of affordable high quality water purifiers and solar powered systems.

Advantages of Access to Clean Water

Reduces risk of infectious and respiratory diseases, suffering and days of sick at work or school

Fewer skin burns

Lower depression rates, better mental health

Girls can continue their education rather than fetch water with their mothers

Women and girls are not subject to violence when walking miles in dangerous areas to pick up water

Water from the tap is at least 50% cheaper than buy bottled water

Money saved from lower health costs

Less spendings on charcoal and firewood

One no longer needs to use firewood or charcoal for boiling water, thus reducing the deforestation rate which has wiped out over 90% of indigenous trees in Africa

Cuts down on plastic waste since bottled water is no longer needed

Reduces carbon footprint with lower bottled water production

Our Good Water Projects (GWP)

Our Good Water Projects initiative serves to bring positive change to local communities and to enhance the CSR reputation and standing of the sponsoring organization.

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Excellent Opportunity for Experienced Sales Executives (B2B)
Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya

Grace Clean Energy & Water Limited Kenya seeks to employ talented & effective experienced sales executives at its company in Kampala, Uganda.  Your duties and responsibilities will be to sell our solar back-up power sets and high-quality water purification systems.  Find the Job Description under Jobs.

Interviews in May and June