Grace Clean Energy & Water Limited (GCEWL) opens new branch in Nairobi, Kenya

GCEWL now delivers affordable high-quality clean power and water purification solutions for Kenya.

Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya — 2 December 2023 — Grace Clean Energy & Water Limited (“GCEWL”), Uganda, is excited to announce the launch of its operations in Nairobi. This strategic move allows it to expand its clean energy and water solutions into Kenya . GCEWL’s broad range of durable water purification solutions, back-up power sets, and solar-powered systems serves the goal of making clean energy and safe drinking water accessible to everyone, thereby improving their health and well-being.

GCEWL in Uganda and Kenya are owned by Grace Advisory GmbH, headquartered in Munich, Germany. The corporate group plans to soon expand its activities in Egypt, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. It Kampala branch has so far served customers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

At the launch of GCEWL in Nairobi, Dinese Hannewald (GCEWL Founder and CEO), said, “We are very happy to announce the opening of our new branch in Nairobi, Kenya. This expansion brings us closer to providing affordable clean power and potable water to far more people in East Africa. Besides limiting people’s opportunities and causing health concerns, poor access to reliable power and safe drinking water also prevents people from expressing their full potential, resulting in lower educational attainment and reduced productivity. “

Dinese Hannewald went on to note that about 2.2 billion people across the planet do not have access to safe water at home and subsequently suffer from life threatening illnesses. She also said, “Our very strong relationships with our top-rated suppliers in Europe and North America make it possible for GCEWL to provide affordable top-of-the-line solutions and help reverse inequities in the availability of clean power and safe drinking water. East Africa is just the beginning of our journey.”

With respect to GCEWL’s power supplies, Patricia Kwamboka Ochenge (GCEWL Kenya’s General Manager and part owner) observed that “Presently, around 800 million people live without electricity worldwide. This situation restricts their capabilities and opportunities. Power outages in Kenya currently interrupt critical hospital services and business productivity and also disrupt study and household activities. To address this urgent need for reliable power, GCEWL sells an extensive product line of high quality and dependable backup power sets. The Company can also customize solar power systems from 5 kilowatts up to 35 kilowatts. “

GCEWL supplies and supports reputable NGOs such as AMREF Healthcare Africa, WaterAid, and the International Rescue Committee with its durable high quality water purifiers. In Uganda alone, GCEWL has over 550 customers comprised of schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, factories and farms. Key features of GCEWL’s success include the supply of durable quality products and problem-free installations combined with expert on-site pre- and after-sales advice and support. Duplication of the Company’s successful and scalable business model under the leadership of Patricia Kwamboka Ochenge, GCEWL is already generating significant revenues and creating jobs. The Company is currently growing its team of skilled and experienced salespersons and customer service representatives.

For more information, please contact:

Dinese Hannewald, Founder and CEO/CFO

+49 172 831 1542

Patrica Kwamboka Ochenge, General Manager

+254 711 571 143


About Grace Clean Energy & Water Limited

Grace Clean Energy & Water Limited (GCEWL) is a B2B social impact corporate group with branches in Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya. The entities in Uganda and Kenya design, assemble, import, and sell robust affordable water puri􀏐iers, off-the-shelf back-up power sets and customized solar powered systems. Grace Clean Energy & Water’s target customer groups include NGOs, hospitals and medical clinics, schools and universities, businesses, farms, and villages and communities. The Company’s experienced and highly skilled technical team provides guaranteed on-site customer service with genuine spare parts.

Grace Clean Energy & Water proves their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with a promise to give back to local communities via their Good Water and Good Energy Programs. Together with sponsors, GCEWL donates several water purifiers and back-up power sets to local schools or medical clinics each year.

For more information on our Good Water and Good Energy Programs, please contact Grace Impact gGmbH at


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Important Notice: Beware of Counterfeit VIQUA Water Purifiers & Fake UV Lamps

Dear Valued Customer, Please be cautious of local Ugandan businesses and individuals selling counterfeit VIQUA water purifiers and imitation UV lamps.
These products are not genuine and can pose a serious risk to your health and safety.