Our Good Water & Good Energy Projects

Our Good Water & Good Energy Projects are a concept of our strategy an an true social impact company. We give back to local communities and to enhance our CSR reputation and our partners who help us by sponsoring our give back to the community initiatives.

Help make our vision a reality by sponsoring a Good Water Project

When you sponsor a Good Water Project, you purchase a water purification system which is donated to a community in need.

Your donation has a massive impact on the receiving community, which can be a medical clinic or hospital, a girls’ or boys’ home, a school, or even an entire village.

Each GWP also includes mandatory WASH awareness workshops (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) for all users.

We ensure that the recipients of the water purification system are properly trained in its operation and maintenance, and we monitor the project and send progress reports to you, the sponsor.

A GWP sponsorship also covers the operating costs of that system for two years, after which, the recipient is able to take full ownership and manage the system.

Did you know?

2.2 Billion

People around the world do not have
access to safe water at home

1.4 Billion

People globally lack handwashing
facilities at home

Handwashing and Covid-19

Hand washing protects one from catching covid-19 and other diseases

Handwashing prevents the spread of Covid-19 to other people

Handwashing with soap is proven to be one of the best preventative and life-saving measures available to prevent the spread of diseases

Become A Sponsor

  1. Grace Clean Energy Water has a shortlist of schools, clinics, homes, and refugee camps (here – we work with the IRC in Uganda) that urgently require a water purification system. We are more than happy to recommend one of these organizations or you as the sponsor can select your preferred organization or community for GWP.
  2. Grace Clean Energy Water would assess the requirements and make a recommendation for a particular system. The cost can range from as low as UGX 1.5 million (USD360) to as high as UGX 12 million (USD2,870) for the water purification system. The majority of our completed Good Water Projects range between UGX 3 million (USD720) and UGX 6 million (USD1,440). Operating costs range between UGX 560,000 (USD135) and UGX 1.3 million (USD240) per year depending on the system and usage.
  3. Our newest water purification system – PAUL – imported from Germany does not require any power nor any consumables. With a life span of 10 years, over 3,000 machines have been installed around the world. This machine is ideal for many applications and is cheaper in the long run since no new UV lamps, no carbon filters, or maintenance are required.
  4. To honor your generosity, a plaque is placed at the water site to acknowledge you as the sponsor.

Partner with Grace Impact

Last year Grace Impact has chosen to sponsor a girls home located in Mutugga with a PAUL machine. Purchase and installation is expectd to be completed by September 2021.

Grace Impact would like to partner with a few local Ugandan sponsors to fund several Good Water Projects (GWP). Once installed, we would together, promote the GWP with a strong marketing campaign – using the sponsor‘s access to social media, newspapers, radio and TV.

Grace Impact sponsors SOS Children’s village in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

A Recipients Testimonial

“Since the installation of the water purification system at the SOS Children’s Village, school absentee rates have fallen and illnesses previously associated with drinking unsafe water have also decreased. With the new system, the children are learning about hygiene and the importance of washing their hands throughout the day to avoid the spreading of bacteria.”

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Important Notice: Beware of Counterfeit VIQUA Water Purifiers & Fake UV Lamps

Dear Valued Customer, Please be cautious of local Ugandan businesses and individuals selling counterfeit VIQUA water purifiers and imitation UV lamps.
These products are not genuine and can pose a serious risk to your health and safety.