PRESS RELEASE – Grace Clean Energy & Water Limited Market Entry

Grace Clean Energy & Water Limited (GCEWL) announces its entry into the Ugandan market as a seller of cost-effective power sets and high-quality water treatment systems. As a committed social impact company, the Company will support local Ugandan communities by donating several water purifiers and power sets.

Today, Grace Clean Energy & Water Limited (GCEWL) announced its entry into the Ugandan market to sell clean energy power sets and top-notch water purifiers. The Company designs, assembles, imports and sells water treatment machines and solar & battery power sets builtwith genuine high-quality parts imported from Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Canada.

Making the announcement, Dinese Hannewald, the proprietor and CEO, said “we are passionate about creating easy access to affordable clean drinking water for Ugandans. Our role as a highly principled and reliable service provider, we look to supply schools, medical clinics and hospitals, businesses, farms, and NGOs. Every year, millions of people die on the planet from diseases caused by inadequate access to clean water supply and hygiene. We are committed to preserving lives and avoiding illnesses and hardships with our range of water treatment solutions.”

GCEWL installs lighting systems with a range of low-cost power sets that can be used for charging phones & laptops, radios & TVs, and the larger power sets can power refrigerators and appliances. Access to electricity in Uganda is 57.2% in urban areas and this number drops to about 10% in rural areas. Even where electricity is available, it is not always reliable. There is a dire need for these essential clean energy products.

According to various sources, about 7 million Ugandans (16 %) lack access to safe water and 19% of Ugandans only have access to streams, ponds, and unprotected hand-dug wells as sources of drinking water. A family needs around 20 liters (5.28 gallons) per person per day for drinking, washing, cleaning, and cooking. This shortage of clean drinking water poses an urgent need for affordable and easy to implement solutions that combat waterborne diseases by removing impurities such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

The Company also launch special price offers on all products today and customers can apply for payment plans. The price discounts will last until 31st March 2023 and we urge everyoneto contact us for a quotation.

“GCEWL is keen to create a significant social impact by providing these solutions for the Ugandan communities. Whereas the Company is new in Uganda, I am not. I have sponsored 7 Good Water Projects and 1 Good Energy project in Uganda and Tanzania since 2017. Under my 2 companies in Germany, Grace Advisory and Grace Impact, I have donated water treatment systems in Jolly Primary School (Nangando, Uganda), St. Martin Mulago Primary School (Kampala, Uganda), Smile Charity (Wakiso, Uganda), Benedictine Eye Hospital (Tororo,
Uganda), IRC (Yumbe District, Uganda) and African Child in Need (Bugiri, Uganda), as well as SOS Childrens’ Village (Dar Es Salaam Tanzania)”, said Dinese Hannewald. Grace Impact also donated a 1 Megawatt power set to African Child in Need earlier this year.
The growing operational team at GCEWL is 100% Ugandan and all are qualified and talented employees with experience in water treatment and clean energy. Our highly competent technicians manage and oversee the installation and maintenance of all our products at the customers’ premises. Our power sets use solar energy and batteries to provide electricity to
charge on-grid water purifiers and lighting systems. This way GCEWL contributes to environment conservation by reducing the use of firewood and charcoal to boil water for drinking.

Grace Clean Energy & Water promises to support 5 new Good Water & Good Energy Projects in Uganda in 2023 and plans to expand its business operations in East Africa in 2024.

Before you purchase a clean energy power set or a water treatment system, please give us a call. We will make you a fair and competitive offer that meets all your requirements.


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About Grace Clean Energy & Water Limited

Grace Clean Energy & Water Limited (GCEWL) is a trustworthy social impact company founded in March 2022. The Company designs, assembles, imports, and sells robust high-quality water purification machines and solar & battery power sets. Located in the Industrial Area in Kampala, Grace Clean Energy & Water’s target customers are NGOs, hospitals and medical clinics, schools & universities, businesses, farms as well as villages & communities. Its highly experienced, competent, and dedicated technical team provides guaranteed on-site customer service with genuine spare parts. Grace Clean Energy & Water proves its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with a promise to give back to local Ugandan communities. In 2023, the Company will donate 5 water treatment machines and several power sets to a local school, hospital, or medical clinic, and/or a village.

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Important Notice: Beware of Counterfeit VIQUA Water Purifiers & Fake UV Lamps

Dear Valued Customer, Please be cautious of local Ugandan businesses and individuals selling counterfeit VIQUA water purifiers and imitation UV lamps.
These products are not genuine and can pose a serious risk to your health and safety.